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A new kind of sandwich bun is born!

unique all over the world

Now doner, gyros, pulled pork deserve the right bun!

PitaPot could be considered as the evolution of pita bread. It eliminates all disadvantages of the existing products in the category of pita bread/pita pocket, mainly the need of using a knife in order to open the bread and the thin walls which do not allow “heavy” fillings and use of sauces.

PitaPot is mainly designed in order to replace the classic flatbread, pita bread, pita pocket, folded flatbread or Greek pita in sandwiches with doner kebab, gyros and pulled pork and any kind of bread for sandwiches with grilled meats, salad, fries and sauces.

There is a tendency to add more and more ingredients in street food sandwiches in order to maximize the taste, making them harder to handle. PitaPot offers an “easy to eat” and “mess-free” street food sandwich.

Using PitaPot in a street food sandwich there is no way for toppings falling off and sauces running down.

No more sticky fingers!

PitaPot ready to use (heat)

In an oven, grill or even in a pan at home.

The product is protected by registered designs in EU & UK

And PitaPot grilled, stuffed & served

Keep the grilled PitaPot parallel with the ground and fill it in layers (e.g. first the salad, then the grilled meat, fries etc). When you complete filling turn the product upright and finish with sauces.

…and how or where we use it?

PitaPot offers many alternatives in terms of creating tasty suggestions. The only limit is the imagination!

1) PitaPot & doner, gyros or pulled pork

Heat the bun in an oven (preferably conveyor toaster) or grill and then add the filling ingredients. Create a perfect “nest” for doner kebab, gyros, pulled pork etc. These kind of sandwiches usually carry large quantities of food and liquid sauces. The shape of the product and the thickness of the dough walls in conjunction with the fact that the internal surfaces of the dough are toasted (creating barrier to liquid penetration), permit a very efficient way of food holding.

2) PitaPot & street food sandwiches

…beyond doner, gyros or pulled pork

Heat the bun in an oven or grill and then add the filling ingredients. You may fill the bun with a lot of ingredients in order to maximize taste without losing sandwich integrity.
Alternatively, you may toast the bun which is stuffed prepacked with basic ingredients such as ham, cheese, grilled meats, tomato, etc., in a panini press (or heat in the oven) and then, if you like, you may add more vegetables, fries & sauces.
If you choose to first heat the bun and then to add the filling ingredients, we advise you to use a conveyor toaster instead of a conventional oven. It is a better alternative regarding grilling time and grilling quality.

3) PitaPot & salads to go

This is a new sandwich concept:
“salad to go” sandwich (tuna salad, Greek salad etc.), served with plastic fork. Heat the bun in an oven / grill and then add the filling ingredients.

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