April 2024.
Obtaining the distinction of five stars on the Anthology of Greek Gastronomy #A-Z of the Action In Greece action, where the excellent quality of Gastronomy businesses throughout Greece is rewarded, through a TASTE TRAVEL, which allows direct contact with local representatives of the Gastronomy of each place, the deep understanding of locality and the help in the development of Greece, as one of the most important countries of culinary – touristic destination in the whole world.

Rewarding the model business CHASIOTIS SA, which supports the authentic traditional values of the Gastronomy of the place, with respect for the public and the quality Greek taste as well as the outstanding services!

Inclusion of the company CHASIOTIS SA in the Top Products of Greece in the “PITA BREADS” Category and distinction with the ABSOLUTE 5, which is the top of the rating in the following:

  • the perfect know-how regarding the creations of all kinds of pitta breads
  • in unattainable quality
  • in the excellent logo
  • in variety
  • to the vision that is consistent with the philosophy of Action In Greece
  • on the neat and completely explanatory site
  • in the vegan and sugar free pita bread recipes, which promote health and proper nutrition
  • in the financial support of locality
  • the company’s export offer in the country